The Breed

Miniature American Shepherds

The breed...

Having discovered that these amazing dogs weren’t available in Britain, the early enthusiasts went to enormous lengths (and expense) to research lines, find great breeders and finally import our foundation dogs from the USA. The whole process of importing, from initial interest to finally having our dogs here with us in the UK, took several years of determination, resource and patience.

The first Mini arrived in the UK in 2005 and the second early in 2008. In the decade since then their numbers have steadily grown; acquiring a great deal of respect, support, popularity and an enthusiastic following as they prove themselves time and again to be superb working dogs capable of turning their paw to any activity required of them.

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MAS are members of the herding group

"The Herding Group, created in 1983, is the newest AKC classification; its members were formerly members of the Working Group. All breeds share the fabulous ability to control the movement of other animals."
"In general, these intelligent dogs make excellent companions and respond beautifully to training exercises."
- American Kennel Club -