Bi or Tri-Colour

The black has a solid black body. They may have white trim, in which case they would be a black bi, or copper and white, which would be a black tri.

Blue Merle

Bi or Tri-Colour

A blue merle has patches and patterns of black on a background varying from slate grey to powder blue. He may also have white and/or copper trim.


Bi or Tri-Colour

The reds vary in intensity from a deep mahogany to a brownish-red colour. As with the blacks, a red and white is termed a red bi; add copper points and the dog is a red tri.

Red Merle

Bi or Tri-Colour

A red merle has patches and patterns of red on a cream coloured background. He may also have white and/or copper trim.

For additional information and descriptions of color, visit

‘A Field Guide To Coloration of Australian Shepherds’

compiled by Lisa McDonald.

Tan and White Markings

MAS come with a variety of markings which can include both tan and white additions.


No tan or white markings


No tan markings, white present


Tan and white markings present

Eye Colours

Eye colours can vary from brown to blue, a mix of the two, or one of each.


Two brown eyes, which can vary from dark brown to amber


Two blue eyes, often seen in merles, but can also been seen in tris


One blue eye and one brown eye


Marbled blue and brown eyes

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The Breed

The first MAS arrived in the UK in 2005 and their numbers have been increasing steadily since.

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