Fortunately for owners and dogs alike, MAS are a comparatively healthy and robust breed. The few issues that sometimes crop up are also found in the majority of the herding breeds, which given the common ancestry, is to be expected.

'From the outset, UKMASC set the benchmark for MAS health testing in the UK. By following (and frequently exceeding) recommended AKC and KC health testing requirements, we are confident of both the health and the health status of our dogs.'
United kingdom Miniature American shepherd club
Official daughter Club of MASCUSA

Health Tests by UKMASC 5* Breeders

Health Tests by UKMASC 5* Breeders

The UKMASC 5* Breeder Scheme is designed to promote confidence and offer peace of mind for both breeders and purchasers. Our breeders are encouraged to aspire to and participate in the scheme, which is open to members who can demonstrate that they meet certain key criteria and conduct themselves within a code of ethics.

All 5* Breeders will be happy to show you the originals of their dog’s health certificates, share and explain the results of X-rays, scans and tests, and discuss implications for individual dogs and the health of the MAS population in general. 

Our 5* Breeders are fully conversant with the potential health problems in the MAS, aware of the issues surrounding them and have taken every step possible to breed responsibly. Our puppies are sold with strict contracts regarding health testing and are usually sold with their registration papers endorsed against potential future breeding. 

You can access of copy of our UKMASC guide to HEALTH ISSUES & HEALTH TESTING in the MAS.

Whether imported from abroad, or produced in the UK, all of our breeding stock are fully health tested.

The Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute

The Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd share many of the same health issues. Here you can find a wealth of health information provided by The Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute.

Health Test Benefits for UKMASC Members

As a UKMASC member you have an array of benefits. One of these is access to the Club’s exclusive health testing discount with MyDogDNA – join UKMASC now to receive your discount.


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