Here in the UK, UKMASC coordinate UKMARS (UK Mini American Rescue & Support) for all Miniature American Shepherds in need in the UK. 

'UKMASC are dedicated to rehoming dogs due to changes in circumstances, as well as rescuing homeless, abused or neglected Miniature American Shepherd dogs'

All UKMASC 5* breeders promote strict contracts which include return and buy-back policies. They will always take back a dog they have bred, no matter what the reason. Some owners may not have received such a contract if they did not go through a UKMASC 5* breeder, or may have circumstances which require support to be provided to the dog. The UKMASC Rescue Co-ordinator can assist with placing and rehabilitating Miniature American Shepherds in need of new homes or extra support.

The Roles of Our UKMARS Co-ordinator are as follows:

  • Assessing & placing Miniature American Shepherds into new homes;
  • Placing MAS into short-term foster homes prior to rehoming, if needs be;
  • Co-ordinating efforts to re-unite lost MAS with their owners and/or breeders;
  • Ensuring any MAS seen in ‘all-breed’ rescues are taking in by UKMARS;
  • Providing support for individuals who have need to surrender a MAS;
  • Educating the public about MAS;
  • Promoting responsible breeding and dog ownership.

If you would like any more information on UKMARS, or you would like to show your interest in fostering, or re-homing, a MAS please contact our rescue co-ordinator.

Our US parent club (MASCUSA) support MARS (Mini Aussie Rescue & Support) – which provides support for all Miniature American Shepherds in the USA. For more information on rescue and support in the USA, please visit:


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