Welcome to the UK Miniature American Shepherd Club


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The United Kingdom Miniature American Shepherd Club (UKMASC) is the the premier club for Miniature American Shepherd Dogs in the UK, serving as a point of communication and information for owners and enthusiasts of the breed.
UKMASC is an affiliate club of MASCUSA (the Miniature American Shepherd Club of the United States of America) the USA parent club and pedigree registry for the breed.UKMASC was formed in 2011 by a group of Miniature Australian Shepherd enthusiasts and breeders.  In 2012 the breed received AKC recognition under the new name of  ‘Miniature American Shepherds’. 
We now actively promote the breed under it’s new name and look forward to achieving KC breed recognition for these wonderful dogs in due course.

UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd six MAS dogs on garden bench
Our Aims
  • To help provide information, support and encouragement to members to protect the health, type, temperament and instinct of Miniature American Shepherds (‘MAS’) to the Standard set by their country of origin.
  • To safeguard the welfare of the breed.
  • To maintain a register of all UK-resident MAS registered with the Kennel Club. This register to include all known health tests for each dog and any hereditary problems.
  • To encourage and promote activities and sportsmanlike behaviour in the training, exhibition and competition of dogs in all working disciplines and show venues.
  • To conduct any canine event for which the club is eligible.
  • To support an agreed Code of Ethics.