5* Breeders


UKMASC 5* Breeders

UKMASC breeders have only occasional litters, and all maintain waiting lists. Expect to fill in an application form, answer a lot of questions and have several long phone or email conversations with your chosen breeder, before you will be accepted onto a waiting list. This isn’t personal, the breeder is just doing their best to match the right pup with the right forever home.

Acquiring a MAS can be a lengthy process. Because all our dogs are also much-loved family pets and house-dogs, we do not re-home or sell our adults or ex-breeding stock. As our dogs are our pets and our working companions we don’t breed very often, and the wait can be considerable.

Here are our current 5* Breeders:


Wiltshire, UK


Scottish Borders, UK


North Wales, UK


Shropshire, UK


Northern Ireland, UK

UKMASC Breeders with Plans for the Current & Next club year (January - December annually):

Spring 2019


Summer 2019


Autumn 2019

Winter 2019

Spring 2020

Summer 2020


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