5* Breeder Scheme

5* Breeder Scheme

UKMASC operate an exclusive 5* breeder scheme for mas breeders in the uk.

UK Mini American Shepherd breeders are encouraged to participate in the UKMASC 5* Breeder scheme which is designed to promote confidence and offer peace of mind for both the Breeder and the Purchaser.

  • There are five foundation requirements of a UKMASC 5* Breeder. The Breeder must guarantee to:

Ensure that all breeding stock is NAMASCUSA and/or AKC registered and permanently identified by microchip or DNA profile.

  • Health tests

Use breed-relevant health screening schemes on all breeding stock prior to breeding, follow the recommendations of such schemes and be knowledgeable of, and open with, all results and implications.


Follow KC and Breed Club policy regarding minimum and maximum age for breeding and the number/frequency of litters bred.

  • Whelping & Rearing

Ensure that all aspects of their whelping and rearing facilities accord with excellent practice and that full and accurate records of the litter are maintained.

  • Support

Provide a comprehensive Puppy Sales Pack, reasonable ongoing support for Purchasers and a life-time take-back guarantee for each pup

How Much is a Fair Price?

To completely answer this question you must have an understanding of what goes in to raising a litter of healthy pups. No dog owner with a conscience, goes into breeding with the idea of making a profit. Most breeders break even on a litter if they are lucky – litters are most often raised at a slight financial loss and certainly a huge cost in time, love and devotion.

When setting a price for a pup, the breeder must take into account what it costs to maintain the female for a year, the cost of stud fees and transport and ante-natal care and not least the cost to properly whelp, socialise, train, and produce a health-tested litter.

The price a UKMASC breeder will charge is for fully registered puppies with all records, registries, parents titles, lines and kennel breeding history available for all to see. These pups additionally come with a guarantee as to clearances for certain health defects, depending on the testing of the parents.
The finer points of pricing may also depend on the kennel you are selecting a puppy from. If the puppy is from a show champion (Ch), working trials champion (WTCh), obedience champion (ObCh), or agility champion (AgCh), etc, the price will expected to reflect this.

There is also the matter of ongoing after-sales support, which all UKMASC 5* breeders provide unreservedly. This is effectively a promise of twelve or more years of 24-7 back-up; access to practical advice, physical assistance or even emergency cover and rescue. Would you yourself guarantee to be on call night and day for your professional services, for less than 23p a day for the next decade?

Want to know more?

If you want further information on UKMASC or would like to join, follow the links below.